Thursday, April 23, 2020

Senior Housing in North NJ

Are you looking for Senior Housing in North NJ? First Montclair House is a warm and friendly 131-unit apartment building, offering HUD-subsidized Senior Housing in North NJ, in the town of Montclair in the heart of Essex County.

Best Senior Housing Located in North NJ

a. It has located in the prime area

This is the first reason why this senior housing can be the best place for you to live as a senior citizen. This building is located in the heart of Montclair, NJ. If you want to visit this building, you can come to the Grove and Walnut Streets. This location has a short distance to some public areas, such as art centers, culture buildings, entertainment, shopping centers, cuisine areas, and also Mountainside Hospital. This First Montclair House also offers daily shipping trips to New York City, the Poconos, New England, Washington DC, etc. You will enjoy your experience when living in this building.

b. A lot of interesting activities

This senior housing service has a lot of interesting activities for all senior citizens. Because of this reason, many people are interested in staying in this building. First Montclair House can offer many different activities, such as cultural events, group excursions, lectures, entertainment programs, fitness classes, and many other interesting programs. The organization behind this senior housing service wants to treat all senior citizens with compassion and dignity. The main motto of this senior housing service is Life is Good.

c. Professional staff members

This housing is supported by some professional staff members. They know how to deliver the best service for all customers who stay at this building. They can ensure safety, good quality of life, and also a comfortable experience for all customers. All staff members are trained regularly, so they can have a lot of knowledge and skills in serving senior people. They have a lot of experience in dealing with any problems in this industry. They always commit to provide the best service for all customers in this building. If you are looking for the best senior housing service with a comfortable experience, you can look at this First Montclair House.

d. Complete Facilities

All facilities in this building are specially designed to fulfill every need from the senior citizens. The facility is designed with accessibility in mind, for example, ground floor entries, easy wheelchair-accessible restrooms, and also optimized elevators. All of these facilities are specially designed to handle all needs from the disabilities. First Montclair also has some bus services to restaurants, shops, and any other public places. All residents can also enjoy some other services, such as individual climate control, lobby floor with laundry room, computerized work order system, etc.

e. Affordable service

This is another reason why this service can be the best choice for everyone. This senior housing is available for all senior citizens at a very affordable price. You don't need to spend a lot of your money when you are planning to live in this community residence. You can contact us today for asking about the rental price for using any units from this senior housing service. You will get all the complete information from all staff members from this housing. This housing is also supported by the HUD subsidy from the government. Therefore, you can live at this senior housing at a very affordable price.

All residents from the First Montclair House will enjoy their time when staying at this building. This senior housing has a lot of benefits that are offered for all customers. Because of this reason, this senior housing service is very popular among many people today. It can be your trusted senior apartment that is located in North NJ. Applicants for using the senior living community at this house should be 62 years or older. The application process can be sent to this senior living community that is located at 56 Walnut Street, Montclair, NJ. The approval process will never take a lot of your time.

To speak with a representative about availability of our Senior Housing in North NJ, call First Montclair House at (973) 746-0895.
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