Thursday, January 11, 2018

Senior Housing in Essex County, NJ

We all want to give our older loved ones the best in every sense but we also know that sometimes senior housing in Essex County, NJ is necessary. If you have an elder at home, you definitely want to take care of their comfort, well-being and ensure that they are happy and healthy. However, in this day and age it's not always possible to keep our loved ones at home with us, no matter how much we would love to, because of our daily schedules and the average persons busy daily routine, not many people are able to give their elders the attention, love, and care they require. As they get older our loved ones become less able to perform different day to day tasks., and not being able to spend enough time with them can add to their difficulties.

At First Montclair House we've learned that as people get older their perception becomes less reliable and their bones more fragile. Something as minor as a slip and fall can be really hazardous to someone older. Imagine being at work while the're home alone and they fall and fracture, or even worse break a hip. Not only is the medical bills too costly even with the proper insurance, the time it's going to take for them to heal and the therapy they need in order to try to regain their health is immeasurable. Then once they are able to return home if you have stairs that's a whole new struggle. 

Places like First Montclair House can provide you with senior housing in Essex County, NJ. It has become a viable option in this modern world for people to rely on senior homes for their elders as they can get the best healthcare facilities there and all the care and attention they require. There are trained caretakers in First Montclair House who ensure their health is in good condition. All the particular needs and requirements of senior citizens are properly taken care of. The houses are built in a way so that seniors can live a comfortable life with no risk of injury. For people who are in a wheelchair, there is ample space so that they can roam around freely. The rooms are not shared so they do not need to feel like they are losing their freedom & privacy. There is studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom options, all with fully equipped handicap accessible bathrooms. 

Senior Living Community in Essex County, NJ

The best part, undoubtedly, is that they are not alone. They can bond with others in the courtyard patio or by the garden and share their life experiences. They can do arts & crafts to keep occupied and keep their minds sharp. Whether they enjoy having a quiet moment to themselves under the gazebo or letting go for a little bit at one of the great dinner parties. First Montclair has everything you need to make sure your loved ones can remain happy and healthy for years to come.

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